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Workshop for Architecture | Design is a Seattle based architecture and design practice led by Steve Bull. Our current projects include single-family residences, rural retreats, compact multifamily dwellings, retail environments, office space, and modern adaptations of existing urban buildings.

Why a workshop?

A workshop is a place of collective effort. It is a place where intense investigation, ongoing discourse, prototypes, and models are used to explore ideas through physical form. We build things to better understand our work; work that we recognize as being specific to our clients objectives and to a particular place and time.

This model of a practice inspires us to pursue design critically, insightfully, and imaginatively. It creates a framework for each project that responds to the unique opportunities of each context and client. Through this methodology, we arrive at strategic, clear, and mutually understood concepts and resolve each project to a high level of detail.

Our rigor has resulted in a portfolio of projects that address the dramatic range of urban and rural conditions, climate, building types and uses found throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. The foundation for this body of work lies in the integration of strong building forms and environment, the considered use of materials and daylight, and the clear expression for the human experience of a place.