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Workshop AD is a Seattle based architectural design practice. Our current projects include private residences, rural retreats, urban housing, retail environments, workspaces, and modern adaptations of existing urban buildings.

Why a workshop?

A workshop is a place of collective effort. It is a place where intense investigation, ongoing discourse, prototypes, and models are used to explore ideas through physical form. We build things to better understand our work; work that we recognize as being specific to our clients objectives and to a particular place and time.

This model of a practice inspires us to pursue design critically, insightfully, and imaginatively. It creates a framework that guides our work in ways that respond to the unique conditions of every context and the individuality of each client. Through this methodology, we arrive at strategic, clear, and mutually understood concepts and resolve each project to a high level of detail.

Our rigor has resulted in a portfolio of projects that address a dramatic range of urban and rural conditions, climate, building types and uses found throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. The foundation for this body of work lies in the integration of strong building forms and environment, the considered use of materials and daylight, and the clear expression for the human experience of a place.


As Seattle based architects, our architecture projects span the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Although our practice does not have an office in Anchorage AK, we have completed many projects in Alaska and have a strong base in this community as Alaskan architects.





Steve Bull

AIA NCARB LEED AP Founder and Director

As the director of Workshop AD, Steve Bull guides the design and development of all projects. Under his leadership, the workshop has completed projects throughout the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and the Intermountain West. Working within a dramatic range of urban and rural conditions, climate, and building uses, each project responds to the unique opportunities presented by context and client. Through a critical analysis of the physical, ecological, cultural, historical, and economic issues of the project, the resulting architecture presents a thoughtful synthesis of use, material, context, and form.

His work has been published and honored with numerous design recognitions including AIA State and Regional awards. He was the recipient of a Rotch Travelling Scholarship and travelled in South America documenting both historic and modern adaptions of architecture to landscape.

Steve grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and holds both a Masters of Architecture and a Bachelors of Science in Art and Design from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Parallel to practice, Steve maintains active involvement in teaching and the arts as an Adjunct Professor at Washington State University and President of the Board of Directors for Book-It Repertory Theatre. In his twenties and thirties, as a nationally ranked cross country skier, ultra-marathoner, and adventure racer he traversed some of the most interesting terrain of Alaska and Washington. Steve now lives in the Mount Baker neighborhood with his wife and two children.

Dan Rusler


Dan Rusler has developed a disciplined attitude focused on a systematic means of building. He believes that the inherent complexities of a project’s design and construction offer opportunities that should be distilled through a process of careful analysis and action. motivates him to pursue economical, yet innovative, approaches to design and fabrication. With Workshop AD since 2005, Dan’s attention to detail has been instrumental in the productive relationships we’ve built with our clients, consultants, and builders.

Dan was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and earned a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oregon preceded by an Architectural Technology Diploma from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Dan is an instructor at Washington State University and regularly sits on design juries for various schools in the Pacific Northwest. He has been active in the Seattle community as a volunteer coach with the Seattle Junior and Sno-King Hockey Associations. Dan lives in Seattle's West Woodland neighborhood with his wife, daughter and Boston Terrier.

Amber Murray

Amber Murray’s background in architectural history and theory fuels her interest in how process, context, and other variables influence the design trajectory. In our work, this sensitivity allows her to appreciate all aspects of the architecture practice, prompts informed research, and creates a focus on maintaining clearly defined design intentions throughout the entire design and construction process.

Amber was born in Cape Canaveral and holds a Master of Science in Architecture History and Theory from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arkansas. She is the co-founder of the Seattle Design Foundation, a non-profit organization created to facilitate local designers with grants and mentorship, and Free Time, an experimental multidisciplinary design studio. Amber lives on Capitol Hill in the iconic El Capitan which houses dozens of Seattle’s artists, designers, and performers.

Max Bemberg

As a young professional, Max Bemberg brings to the office a strong work ethic coupled with a tenacious curiosity. He is involved in a wide range of projects and enjoys working closely with clients, builders and his colleagues to uncover the many latent design opportunities that exist within each site, structure and scheme.

Max is a native Midwesterner, born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with a year at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Versailles (ENSAV). Max returned to his hometown to receive his Masters degree in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and took a semester to study in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Outside of the office, Max was the recipient of a Sam Fox Travel Grant, which questioned the topic of contemporary midwest architectural identity through a series of interviews with critical practitioners in the region. Max lives in North Capitol Hill with his fiancé and enjoys staying active in his community.








2005 - 2008






'The project receiving an Honor Award is Colman Triplex by Workshop AD. Jurors felt this project was a "model for future residential building in the city" and discussed how the typology "had the right amount of detail" and while "fun", clearly showed that a "level of thought was carried through from smallest to biggest decisions." According to the jury, the project "achieved its goal and was consistent throughout." Overall, they felt it demonstrated what it means when "architecture is life; [one] could visualize what it really means to be a family living downtown." One juror expressed plainly: "This is what we need in a city." ' ("Honor Award: Coleman Triplex." 2010 AIA Seattle Honor Awards for Washington Architecture Nov. 2010.)

"Adding residential capacity to Seattle's neighborhoods while keeping their character intact is a hot topic. Enter the Colman Triplex, three tidy units (including one family-sized) tucked into the skin of a single-family home. Thoroughly modern and warmly contextual, the triplex offers a great model for denser, more flexible housing option in a changing suburban landscape." ("Future Shack: Architects building our tomorrow." Pacific Northwest Magazine Sept. 2009.)

"What we love: That the architects designed a complex yet elegant system to fit three apartments, each with generous outdoor living space and views, within just 3,800 square feet." ("The West's Best Homes: 2009 - 2010." Sunset Magazine Mar. 2010.)

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